"First I would like to state that I am a vintage and custom hat collector. This is my second Gannon fur felt hat with a third in the works. Michael Gannon in my opinion is among the best in the industry of bespoke hat making. The attention to detail and materials used are top notch. Beaver felt. Grosgrain ribbon. Roan leather sweat. The craftsmanship is among the best and the man himself is a true artist. Michael is absolutely fantastic to work with. He is honest and humble, creative and ambitious. The only problem with having these hats is only being able to wear one at a time. The fit is perfect and comfortable and the hat is crafted to my personal specifications. My belief is that all hat enthusiasts should own at least one Gannon hat"

Anthony / Custom Hat / Whiskey Pure Beaver


"Well, again a great hat from Michael, this is such a gorgeous combo of colors and the quality of the craftsmanship, ribbon and felt is just outstanding. Add the customer care from Michael and you have an unbeatable combo."

Rodolfo / Custom Hat / Black Cherry Pure Beaver 

"Finest fedoras made today. Wonderful workmanship, superior salesmanship and customer service, constant communication. Thank you!"

Adrian / Custom Hat / Bone Pure Beaver

"There's a reason why there's a waiting list to buy a Gannon hat. Michael takes time to make sure the customer gets exactly what he wants. Every dimension, color, you name it! This won't be my last Gannon."

                                      Marcus / Custom Hat / Whiskey Pure Beaver


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